25 Great DIY Ideas for Hiding Ugly Things in Your Home

25 Great DIY Ideas for Hiding Ugly Things in Your Home


Open any ‘house and home’ magazine and you are bound to see a picturesque display of purposely positioned and perfectly selected household items. Often the simplicity and lack of clutter alone can make a room seem vibrant and spacious. But all it takes is a single wire protruding from behind the television set to completely disrupt your picture perfect living room layout. It’s not always easy to hide those unwanted eyesores. But this guide will show you some clever DIY ideas that might just help make your home a little bit more livable.

1. Dog Bowl Dresser Drawer

Ever tripped over your dog’s bowl only to spew the food all over the kitchen floor? me neither, but with this doggy-bowl drawer, you can easily stow away the dog food in a neat and easy to use food drawer.

All it takes to get this luxury is to modify a dresser by fitting a sheet of plywood, with cutouts for the bowls, in the lowest drawer of the dresser. When not in use, simply close the drawer and the bowls are out of the way. The only thing left to do is to teach Daisy how to open it.


[Image Source: cis-nc]

15. DIY Bathtub Cladding

Fiberglass bathtubs aren’t the most attractive features in a house unless they are of the free-standing variety and positioned in front of a floor to ceiling window looking out over a sea view.

But for those who don’t have the luxury, a major improvement could be to add cladding to the exterior of the tub. Not only does it look nice, but it gives the bathroom a ‘natural stone’ feel.

[Image Source: NotMartha]

23. DIY Clothes Chair

Anyone who has a desk chair in their room knows what it’s really used for.

90 percent of the time a chair in the room is used for hanging your clothes, either while you search for the right thing to wear, or just until you decide to rehang your items. The other 10 percent is split between using it as a stepladder to reach items at the top of the cupboard and to sit at your desk for work.

So instead of using an entire chair as a clothes rack, why not cut it in half and attach it to the wall. This way you get the same features, at half the space.

[Image Source: IkeaHackers]

24. DIY Lego Storage

This storage idea is a really cool way of keeping your kid’s Lego pieces off the floor so midnight accidents don’t happen. Nothing beats the pain of a barefoot encounter with Lego.

All that is required is a large pickle jar and some white and black paint or a sharpie pen.

Paint the entire jar yellow to make it look like the head of a Lego man. Then draw on the eyes and mouth using the sharpie. The head can now be used to store Lego pieces. Lego-ception!

[Image Source: MeatloafAndMelodrama]

25. Copper and Wood

Here’s an elegant way to store newspapers and magazines. The stand is made up of copper plumbing pipes and wooden dowel sticks.

The copper connectors are used to attach the wooden rods together (can be cut from an old broomstick). The wood and copper mix adds a rustic yet elegant look to your sitting area.

Head to Table and Hearth to find the full build guide.

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